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Baby names originated from egyptian

Name Gender Origin Meaning More Info
MENES Boy egyptian name of a k MENES
MENKAURA Boy egyptian name of a p MENKAURA
MENSAH Boy egyptian born third MENSAH
MERT Girl egyptian lover of si MERT
MESI Girl egyptian water MESI
MESKHENET Girl egyptian destiny MESKHENET
MIN Boy egyptian myth name ( MIN
MINKAH Boy egyptian justice MINKAH
MONIFA Girl egyptian lucky MONIFA
MONTH Boy egyptian myth name ( MONTH
MOSEGI Boy egyptian tailor MOSEGI
MOSI Girl egyptian born first MOSI
MOSI Boy egyptian born first MOSI
MOSWEN Girl egyptian white MOSWEN
MOSWEN Boy egyptian light skin MOSWEN
MSAMAKI Boy egyptian fish MSAMAKI
MSRAH Boy egyptian born sixth MSRAH
MUDADA Boy egyptian provider MUDADA
MUKAMUTARA Girl egyptian daughter of MUKAMUTARA
MUKANTAGARA Girl egyptian born during MUKANTAGARA

MUKARRAMMA Girl egyptian revered MUKARRAMMA
MUKHWANA Boy egyptian twin MUKHWANA
MUMINAH Girl egyptian pious MUMINAH
MUSA Boy egyptian of the wate MUSA
MUSLIM Boy egyptian believer MUSLIM
MUT Girl egyptian myth name ( MUT
NABIRYE Girl egyptian mother of t NABIRYE
NAEEM Boy egyptian benevolent NAEEM
NAEEMAH Girl egyptian benevolent NAEEMAH
NAILAH Girl egyptian successful NAILAH
NAJJA Boy egyptian meaning unk NAJJA
NARMER Boy egyptian name of a k NARMER
NASSOR Boy egyptian victor NASSOR
NATHIFA Girl egyptian pure NATHIFA
NAUNET Girl egyptian myth name ( NAUNET

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