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Name Gender Origin Meaning More Info
A'DAB Girl arabic hope; need A'DAB
AARON Boy hebrew high mounta AARON
AART Boy anglo like an ea AART
AASE Girl norse tree-cover AASE
ABAN Boy arabic old Arabic ABAN
ABANTIADES Boy latin descendant ABANTIADES
ABARRANE Girl basque Feminine fo ABARRANE
ABARRANE Girl hebrew feminine fo ABARRANE
ABASI Boy african Swahili nam ABASI
ABAYOMI Boy african Of uncertai ABAYOMI
ABAYOMI Boy egyptian brings joy ABAYOMI
ABBA Girl african Ghanaian na ABBA
ABBA Boy arabic father ABBA
ABBAN Boy irish abbot ABRA ABBAN
ABBAS Boy arabic lion ABBAS
ABBOID Boy gaelic abbey fathe ABBOID
ABBOT Boy hebrew father ABBOT
ABBOTSON Boy hebrew son of Abbo ABBOTSON
ABBUD Boy arabic worshipper ABBUD
ABBUDIN Boy arabic worshippers ABBUDIN

ABDA Boy arabic servant ABDA
ABDALLA Boy african Swahili equ ABDALLA
ABDEL Boy arabic servant ABDEL
ABDELAHI Boy african Muslim name ABDELAHI
ABDERA Girl greek from Abdera ABDERA
ABDERUS Boy greek myth name ( ABDERUS
ABDI Boy african Muslim name ABDI
ABDIKARIM Boy african Muslim name ABDIKARIM
ABDIMELECH Boy african Name of an ABDIMELECH
ABDIRAXMAN Boy african Somali equi ABDIRAXMAN
ABDUL, ABDEL Boy arabic servant of ABDUL, ABDEL
ABDUL- MATIN Boy arabic servant of ABDUL- MATIN
ABDUL- QADIR Boy arabic servant of ABDUL- QADIR
ABDUL- RASHID Boy arabic servant of ABDUL- RASHID
ABDUL- SAMI Boy arabic servant of ABDUL- SAMI

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